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Name:Spencer Reid
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
Spencer Reid
Born in Las Vegas, a city full of lights, crime (in the eighties, anyway), and gambling, Spencer grew up surprisingly sheltered. His father was an attorney, his mother a college professor, but it wasn't the idyllic life it should've been. Even before he was born, it was known that his mother had schizophrenia. Time only made it worse. When he was eight, his parents divorced and Spencer was left to be his mother's only caretaker.

She was unintentionally possessive of her son. When he wanted to go outside and play, she tended to keep him indoors with her, reading to him from fifteenth-century literature and introducing him to classical composers. He grew as she intended, a genius in almost every way - except socially.
Teenage Years
Spencer graduated from high school at the age of twelve. His school years left him the victim of severe bullying, from being beaten by the older children to even the humiliation of being stripped and tied to the goal post in front of most of the senior class. College was easier for him, though, as he found he could study at his own pace, and his own pace soon netted him more than his share of degrees.

He completed doctorates in mathematics, chemistry, and engineering and bachelors' degrees in psychology and sociology. Spencer was eighteen when he finally made the decision to place his mother in an institution as he knew he couldn't take care of her on his own anymore. This caused severe guilt on Spencer's part and some resentment on his mother's. After meeting Jason Gideon, he was determined to join the FBI and that took him from the west coast to the east, and separated him from his mother for years.
Joining the FBI at the age of 21, Spencer fulfilled what he considered that he'd been grooming himself for. He joined Aaron Hotchner's team at the Behavioral Analysis Unit and has been working there steadily ever since. He's been taken hostage, tortured, injured, shot, forcibly addicted to Dilaudid, and yet he doesn't think he could leave the job despite all that.

However, he hides many of his concerns even from those he considers his friends. Schizophrenia has a genetic component, and though the chances go down every year, he still sees some traits in himself that points to him possibly having a form of the disease. He knows his social skills are limited, but he also sees that he's gotten better after years of being exposed to the easy repartee of his teammates for all he remains awkward at such things as dating. But Spencer has made one concession to vanity. Instead of constantly wearing his glasses, he's actually given in and gotten contacts that he now wears more often than not.
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